BR8+ is made with the coolest IT design and features on dry non-prep sensors, miniature amplifier and wireless telemetry. 8 EEG channel locations are scattered at: Fp1, Fp2, Fz, C3, C4, Pz, O1, and O2.


BR32S features with detachable dry EEG sensors on the washable soft cap, which allows users to use the product without being worried about the contact problem between sensors and the scalp.



Foam-based dry EEG sensor is fully made by the conductive cloth and sponge to reach the skin area, and users can have a comfortable experience while wearing the headset. The foam-based sensor is easy to use and produces high fidelity signals without skin preparation and gels as well.


Spring-loaded dry EEG sensor is optimized for sliding through the hair to the skin. Using dry sensor does not require any scalp preparation, wet gels or cleanup, which significantly saves much more time and makes it more pleasant during the research!


Brain Viewer

Brain Viewer is a standard software along with BR8 PLUS package, and its main function is to acquire EEG raw data (output format: txt/edf/bdf/cnt/csv). Brain Viewer also has the basic real-time signal processing tools, such as time/frequency-domain signal display, bandpass filter, and labstreaminglayer broadcasting function.


OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using brain-computer interfaces. The package includes a Designer tool to create and run custom applications, along with several pre-configured and demo programs which are ready for use. It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals for real-time processing.

NeuroRT Studio

NeuroRT Studio is a block diagram environment for the design of real-time experiments and analysis for neuroscience. It provides a graphical editor to drag and drop boxes from a library covering the essential steps of such analysis: data read and write (from/to a device and/or a file), temporal and spatial filtering, epoching, selection, mathematical operations, visualization, and many others. These processing steps can then be connected together with wires in order to create a signal processing pipeline.