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This research-based wearable EEG system – BR32S provides the function to derive the high-quality EEG data for BCI applications. BR32S transmits the real-time EEG data via Bluetooth and outputs the raw data with easy-to-apply formats like txt/edf/cnt. BR32S features with detachable dry EEG sensors on the washable soft cap, whch allows users to use the product without being worried about the contact problem between sensors and the scalp. With the BR32S EEG system during research, users don’t need to prepare the conductive gel on head or to be wired on the chair anymore.



BR32S Specifications

Channel Number 32 Transmission Bluetooth 2.1
Dry Electrode Type Foam / Spring-loaded Battery Life Over 10 hours
Sampling Rate 250Hz Dimensions

Based on the head


(Ex: 56 /58 /60 /62)

Resolution 16 bit Event Locking RS232
Amplifier 1365 Output File bin / edf / txt / cnt
Bandwidth > 0.23 Hz OS Compatibility

Windows XP or higher


High Quality Signal Acquisition

Raw sample data (Sampling Rate= 250 sps) derived from dry EEG sensors on 32ch array showing normal activities in a typical recording.

Download Sample Data

eyes-open eye blinking eyes-closed teeth clenching


BR32S EEG System Video


BRI Labs is a standard software along with BR32S package, and its main function is to acquire EEG raw data. BRI Labs also has the basic real-time signal processing tools, such as time-domain signal display, bandpass filter, and labstreaminglayer broadcasting function.