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BR8+ is made with the coolest IT design and features on dry non-prep sensors, miniature amplifier and wireless telemetry. 8 EEG channel locations are scattered at: Fp1, Fp2, Fz, C3, C4, Pz, O1, and O2.


The data quality is comparable to that obtained with wet-electrode systems but without the need for skin abrasion or preparation.



BR8 PLUS Specifications

Channel Number 8 Transmission Bluetooth 2.1
Dry Electrode Type Foam / Spring-loaded Battery Life Over 10 hours
Sampling Rate 1000Hz Dimensions 20 x 20 x 17 cm
Resolution 24 bit Event Locking RS232
Amplifier 1365 Output File edf / bdf / txt / cnt / csv
Bandwidth 0.12~125 Hz OS Compatibility

Windows XP or higher


High Quality Signal Acquisition

Raw sample data (Sampling Rate= 500 sps) derived from dry EEG sensors on 8ch array showing normal activities in a typical recording.

Download Sample Data

eyes-open eye blinking eyes-closed teeth clenching


BR8 PLUS EEG System Video


The BR8 PLUS is on the cutting edge of that technology with wearable device that allows you to access your EEG signals in real-time. It works by collecting your brainwaves via dry sensors on the device. This device relays your data through a brain-computer interface (BCI) to perform cognitive researches and BCI related applications.