NeuroRT Studio

NeuroRT Studio is a block diagram environment for the design of real-time experiments and analysis for neuroscience. It provides a graphical editor to drag and drop boxes from a library covering the essential steps of such analysis: data read and write (from/to a device and/or a file), temporal and spatial filtering, epoching, selection, mathematical operations, visualization, and many others. These processing steps can then be connected together with wires in order to create a signal processing pipeline.


  Brain Viewer OpenViBE NeuroRT
Basic V V V
Channel operations V V V
Filtering V V V
Streaming V V V
Spectral Analysis V V V
Visualization V V V
Epoching   V V
Classification   V V
AdvSigPro-Covariance     V
AdvSigPro-Biological signals     V
AdvSigPro-Denoising     V
Statistics and complexity toolbox     V
Offline Tools     V